Savannah Jackson, also known as Savvy, your InkSavage.

In high school, she was given the nickname Savage by her friends and has now integrated into all of her online social platforms. Savvy was born in Springfield, Oregon in 1993, also known as ‘Spring Tucky’. As a child she moved around a lot, making it difficult to make friends and build relationships. Savvy resorted to eating more to help with her loneliness and fill the void. Looking back she believes that going through those growing pains made her stronger, and the independent woman that she is today. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Her childhood travels included, Oregon, Colorado, and New Jersey. Savvy stayed focused during those years and graduated 6 months early and was determined to lose the weight she had gained. She worked hard to achieve a weight loss of 60lbs on Jenny Craig. Soon after, her confidence grew with her weight loss and she began making friends, opening doors to new opportunities, including modeling. Seven years ago she set up her first photo shoot with a friend and has been loving it since. Savvy states, “I’ve been hooked. It’s like a drug every time I get the pictures back. I get an internal high and it makes my soul happy.”

Fast forward to today.  Savvy Jackson has been influencing and gaining followers with her down to earth, playful online presence.  You can find her published in tattoo magazines and online, around the globe.  She was also in an episode of the tv show, Area 51.  Most of the time you can find her chilling at home with her fur babies watching True Crime. “I’m obsessed with True Crime, and when I say obsessed, I’ve watched almost every true crime documentary, movie, tv show. I listen to countless podcasts about it. It’s all I tend to think about sometimes. My favorite podcast is “My Favorite Murder” SSDGM!”

Savvy tends to gravitate more to animals than people since she was a child.  She was never able to make those close connections to people because of her traveling and moving but she always had a dog with her to keep her company. Animals seem to have a strong connection with her as well.  That bond has inspired her and she has a tattoo sleeve dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki art from her favorite studio Ghibly movies.  Being the most commented on of her tattoos she always feels happy and brightens her day when people take notice.

At a glance, Savvy may come off as stand-offish and distant but once you get to meet her, you will find a lovable, dependable, open-minded, experienced, and caring individual.  “I love fast and hard and I try to do everything in my power for my friends because again I wasn’t able to have or keep relationships when I was young so I hold friends very dear now” – Savvy

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